Friday, May 29, 2015

Simple Grilled Rainbow Trout with Lemon & Parsley

Spring is upon us and summer is looming in the air. To me, nothing says summer more than fresh rainbow trout! My Mom and her beau, Eddie, spend many summer hours on their pontoon boat fishing for trout. It is something they do together where they both seem at their happiest.  I love seeing couples fish together. My husband and I used to spend hours fishing together when we first started dating.  We would cruise the lake all day and night until the lack of sun light brought us in for the day. We would laugh, joke, troll and cast all day long as we fell in love.  There were a couple of years where the only fish we ate was fish that we had caught ourselves.  Now that we have two beautiful, little girls, our time for fishing is limited.  Until we have more free time on our hands we will enjoy the catch of the day that my Mom and Eddie drop at our doorstep.


1 whole Rainbow Trout (or remove head if desired
1 lemon, sliced
fresh parsley, one large handful
2 tablespoons canola oil
salt & pepper


Heat the grill to high heat.

Wash and pat dry the gutted whole trout.  Remove the head if you wish.  

Rub fish, inside and out, with 1 tablespoon of oil, salt and pepper.

Stuff with 1/2 of the parsley and as many lemon slices that you can fit inside.

When grill is hot, rub it with 1 tablespoon of oil.  This will ensure the fish will not stick to the grill when cooking.

Place the fish on the grill.  You should only touch it twice after it is placed on the grill, once to flip it and once to remove it.  

Cook for 7 minutes per side.

Place the remainder of the parsley on plate and lay the trout on top.  

Top with lemon slices and serve.

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